SMSF Audit

All Self Managed Super Funds need to be Audited

Self managed super funds (SMSF) operate under a host of regulatory requirements. Like large proprietary companies, all SMSF must be audited. Unlike companies, the repercussions of non-compliance are usually taken more like a personal insult rather than a regulatory fine. The money in our super funds are, after all, our nest eggs. No one should be able to erode our nest eggs.


We have built up, over the years, a huge amount of technical knowledge in the SMSF audit sector. Not only do we use this technical knowledge to advise our audit clients about potential problems, but we also provide solutions to those problems.


The SMSF sector is ever evolving and it is imperative that you choose an auditor which employs up to date audit practices. We are continually improving the processes in our SMSF audits to deliver the best value to all our clients.