SMSF Administration

SMSF Administration Services

Many Australians are choosing to take control over their retirement fund and, as a result, opt for a self-managed super fund (SMSF). An SMSF gives you greater investment control and flexibility, effective tax management, as well as flexibility with estate planning requirements, and many more benefits. It is ideal for people who have the time and resources to take full control of their super investment decision and retirement savings and are willing to accept all legal responsibilities that come with the role of a trustee.

Are you one of them?

If so, you will need a reliable professional to help you manage all the paperwork properly. Namely, handling all activities regarding your SMSF can be time-consuming and nerve-wracking, but a right partner can make everything run smoothly. LLB Accountants and Auditors are a team of certified and educated SMSF administration professionals who can assume the role of your self managed super fund advisors.

What we have to offer

LLB Accountants and Auditors boast years of experience in the industry, handling business, personal financial issues and delivering accounting solutions. We are ready to provide SMSF administration services in Sydney at any time.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We help you establish an SMSF – it is imperative that an SMSF is set up correctly so that it is easy to administer, eligible for a tax concession and so that you can get the best tax effective from your contributions.
  • We provide taxation and audit services – SMSF comes with a number of annual taxation obligations, annual audits, asset valuation requirements and preparation of fund accounts – we can do it all instead of you, stress-free.
  • Investment advisory services – we provide our clients with investment investigation, transaction administration and updates on regulations.

While a self managed super fund is usually chosen by business professionals who have both the time and the resources to manage their own investments and retirement savings, they still prefer to have a dependable advisor on their side. Our SMSF administration consultant is happy to assist you with all matters related to your investments.

Contact us right away to discuss your needs and get a quote on our SMSF administration services. We also welcome you to our office where we can talk in greater detail about you and your business requirements and plans you have for the future so that we can determine how we can help you complete any of the SMSF administration processes.