SMSF Setup

SMSF Setup Services

Manage your superfund, manage your retirement!

Are you looking to take control over your retirement plan by setting up your own SMSF? Then you are likely to be a bit puzzled by all the paperwork and steps that have to be taken as a part of the setup process.

There’s nothing to worry about – LLB Accountants and Auditors have years of experience providing SMSF setup services in Sydney! We are a team of professional accountants and auditors who have delivered exceptional financial solutions to businesses in the area for years. We are highly trained and experienced in the SMSF sector and can assist any client with completing all necessary documents, form and declarations.

How we can help

A self managed super fund is ideal for people who have the resources to manage their own fund and investments. If you need help with an SMSF setup, know that LLB Accountants and Auditors employ a trusted and experienced professionals who can handle this matter for you. As a part of our SMSF setup service in Australia, we help you:

  • Set up financial statements
  • Prepare accounts and operating statements
  • Complete SMSF setup administrative tasks
  • Manage day-to-day fund-related activities to complete your administrative and reporting obligations
  • Prepare an investment strategy – inform you of different insurance products and advise you on the most optimal one for your case
  • Complete and lodge SMSF annual form, as well as advise on matters related to tax

What makes LLB Accountants and Auditors the go-to SMSF setup professionals is our rich and wide knowledge of the financial industry. For years, we have been offering accounting, bookkeeping, taxation, and business advisory services to companies of all sizes. We possess the skills and knowledge necessary to carry our a range of financial operations and offer advice on the best steps you can take to drive your business success.

Our SMSF setup professional’s mission is to help guide you through this complex process, thus minimising the stress that comes with it. Our goal is to make sure you complete all your obligations accurately and with minimal stress involved. We want you to take full control of your investments and retirement fund and, to do that, all steps need to be taken carefully and with a great insistence on precision.

Get in touch

Contact us today to help you make a final decision on setting up your own SMSF to see the benefits it can provide for your business. You can also schedule to meet with us in our office in Wattle Street where you can talk to our SMSF setup advisor and learn more about the steps you need to take and how we can make the process easier.